Nothing is impossible! My dreams. I’m not being materialistic or delusional. I believe that a person must always have a dreams for him to always have reason to wake up!

  1. House. After I graduated, it is my goal to build a house for my parents. There was a fire happened when I was 2nd year college and we lost everything and now our house isn’t that big nor made of stone. So I always wanted to build them a nice house. update 1/26/ 2017- we started the house already last October. Not finished  yet but almost there!:)


  1. Business. I wanted a house for rent. In our province there are so many student who needed a house during school days since they live far from the city.


  1. Business.Coconut farm. We grow in this kind of life. My parents are farmers so I always wanted to buy some land. Yes, real state.


  1. Travel. I believe that earth is beautiful and I wanted to see them with my own eyes.
    • Korea-I want to go back! update 1/26/2017.. I made this last year and saw cherry blossoms for the first time life! haha. saw Busan too!ntower
    • Paris!paris
    • Singapore- update 1/26/2017 I made this last year. Singapore is a small and beautiful country.singapore1
    • Hongkong
    • hongkong
    • Greece
      1. greece
      2. Prague
      3. prague
    • Scotland
    • scotland
    • Dublin Temple_Bar_Dublin_at_Night

Gadgets: I like Oppo (rose gold color)and McBook. update 1/17/2017 got it last year too. Oppo F1 rose gold!:)



I like to learn photography!


I want to learn skate boarding


I want to play a guitar.


I want to learn other languages! Korean, Japanese, Spanish and French!

I want to learn to draw and frame my master piece, display it in my room.

I want to learn how to cook!

I want to study in Harvard University.

I want to have a solid team of 12!

12 friends

I want to worship the Lord with my family


I want to get married and have a Godly family


I want to be a mom to 3 boys and 2 girls.


I want to pass in civil service exam

I want to finish a master degree in Finance