Some things came just too soon so here I am again greeting you all a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! “Xin Nian Kuai Le”. I received some bad news today but I couldn’t let it rub my joy isn’t it? As we were heading home, me and Louie dropped by at mega mall to grab something to eat. We’re so hungry so we ended up with unli rice in Tokyo Tokyo. Yeah, it’s Japan but we decided to watch THE GREAT WALL.


No. It’s not because of Luhan but because it’s Chinese New year! hehe! Anyway, so we watched it. It was a great movie. The soldiers are amazing and Luhan minor role.. we’ll let’s say, his character was one of the vital role in the movie!


Last week we also watched XXX Return of Xander cage and nope it’s not because of this X exo member named Wu.kkk.


Anyway, I would say I like xander cage more because it’s modern but I’m totally amazed by the warriors in great wall! So I don’t know. Just watched them both!:)

Thanks to my brother who pays the food while I pay the ticket! Not bad!




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