A glimpse of 2016


Happy New year!! I know this is late! We’re almost done for January but still, I wish you had a good kickstart of the year.

How was your holiday?

As usual, I went home last Christmas but I got stranded due to typhoon in Bicol so I spend my christmas in the bus!:( But anyway, I’m happy enough just to go home!:)


Quick glimpse of my 2016!

I watched Exoluxion at the start of the year! I only got 1 concert last year.


We go back to Korea. We started in Busan then travel to Seoul. My feet wanted to give up already due to too much walking but cherry blossoms make up for it!:)


I also travel to Singapore for Destiny conference and got a side trip in Malaysia. Marina bay was so beautiful!



Do hard things was the most amazing thing happened to me last year. It’s a 3 day camped and I suffer a lot, cry a lot, learned a lot. It was such a memorable experience and I wish all people could experience that camp!


I usually didn’t go home by October but I did this time. It’s our fiesta and I was able to watch the competitions and batallion review.


I was able also to visit my Tita in Boracay! Not just me, but our whole family! It’s our first family travel ever.


2016 was a year of travel for me and I thank God for enabling me to experience these things.

For 2017, I will focus more on investing so maybe less travel, but who knows? I have an amazing God who sees my heart desire!

May you have a wonderful journey this 2017! Create happy memories!:) God Bless!


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