My Life Verse Series: Strangers


I was a shy kid. Really shy! I remember when I was in grade school my mom will always give us 1 peso everyday. That’s my daily baon. It became 5 pesos when I was in high school. But during grade school, I was the shy little girl and I can’t buy that 1 peso in a store. So I would still have that 1 peso in my pocket when I went home. Over the years, my mom is a very supportive mom and my teacher will always engage me in every school activities and so my shyness had minimize but I still don’t know how to interact with people. How to open and maintain a conversation. Due to my achievements, the shyness give birth to another character.. Pride. If before I was just shy and timid in making friends and striking conversation, here, I didn’t make an effort at all. I will not talk to them unless they talk to me first. Who are they anyway? In effect, I don’t have many friends and that makes me lonely at times. During weekends, I can only stays home and often I would be left alone and the pride finds another a pair, fear of rejection. Now, not only that I’m prideful to talk first, I’m also afraid I could not fit in.

But praise God, He speaks to my life! When I became a Christian, I was able to join in one department which called, Guest Relation Specialist. Here, we have to talk to the people. Get to know them. Consolidate them. Smile at them and take note they are a complete stranger! I remember my first days in this department. I purposely avoid people and I was just so awkward!:D But we are a front liners so you can only avoid, one or two but not the hundreds.

However, it is when I received this word that changes everything, “Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”.

Isn’t it amazing?:)

I’m still in the department as team lead for pre-encounter team!:)#TuloyPaRin


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  1. Hi Eonnie 🙂 I was very shy at first too when I was a kid but eventually when I get use to people around me, I get along with them. Sometimes they find me unapproachable. I’m probably looking that way and the aura feels something like that. Well, I don’t usually mind but sometimes it’s doesn’t feel good XD Well anyway, there are those people you can find where you may feel the sense of belonging 😀 Not all circles around you, you need to get fit in, there is just the right circle for you as you explore life, as you learn, and with God’s guidance 🙂

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