Happy Father’s Day!


My dad can’t cook nice dishes, can’t do laundry, can’t repair a broken leg of our table however, there are things that he’s really good at: Play a guitar, cracked jokes and sell vegetables ~rain or shine!

But the great things he did? Love my moms, raise two awesome sons and daughter (haha) and be the best father he can ever be!

You know, I grow up loving my dad! But because I have a very bad temper, I often hurt him, talk bad at him, being rude at him! I was like a proud who knows it all daughter! You see, my dad never finished high school and I got angry when he don’t know some things and got irritated often when I have to explain things.  I know. I know. I was such a bad girl and I regretted it all!

When I learned my father in heaven, I also realized how lucky I am to have a father like him here on earth. We can choose our friends, our spouse, our classmates and office mates~ that’s why drop outs and resignation exists. We can choose any people we hang out with but we can’t choose our family, our dad! They’re a gift from God. They’re God’s love expression for us that the moment we were born, he gave us a father who will protect us and love us just as he love us in Heaven. Exodus 20:12, the Lord gave this command and the only command that has a promise. “Honor your father and mother so that it may go well with you and you live a long life!” Isn’t that cool?XD

Other people would say, My dad left me, hurt me, don’t love me, abuse me. Congratulations! You’re tough, strong and a survivor the fact that you can read this right now.

A gift came from different shapes, color and kind. We just need to see it’s purpose in our life then we can received it with gladness in our hearts!:) Happy father’s day to all awesome daddies in the world!:)


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