Hey Y’all (part2)


This is almost my title since am really like a mushroom blogger here! hehe! Anyway, this time I’m literary busy! So many things happened in a month! I know, I know. Time management it is. I’ll try to post as frequent as possible! But sometimes, I need to keep some part of my life private!XD

I’ll try to give more details on things that happened these last couple of weeks.

First, I attend a Do hard things camp and it is a best camp ever! So many things happened. I’ll create a separate post about it! Cause I’m so happy about it!

Second, we had our yearly water baptism! So much fun! Now I understand why Christian aren’t really entice with those bars at night, cause we had so much fun already!

Third, aren’t you curious about my love life? hahaha! My friend Richard asked me yesterday. Ate, when are you going to share us your testimony? And I answered,When I got a boyfriend and he started counting, 2016, 2017, 2018….such a bully!XD

I have to go to work now! I’ll try to blog later, when net is so much faster!#onlyinPhil



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