Dream On!


2014 visionAbove was my 2014 goal! I had accomplished  them last 2014 and 2015 except for house renovation. Well, not bad cause I got a rice field as a mortgage.  I got promoted on October 2014, open a savings account the following month, got a visa after two months, fly to Korea  the next month and see Exo on their concert. And I think I also lost 5kls. last year. Sometimes, it’s good when you write your plans and check it out later.

The most important of all, I attended encounter November 2014!

I’m doing new list for my 2015 to do list! I encourage everyone to do the same.:) Have a Vision! It will protect you. Don’t be afraid to dream. It will be your reason to wake up! And since you’re dreaming anyway, make it BIG and fab! ^^ Dreams and visions will compel you to move. If not, it’s only a wish! So don’t just wish sweety! Make them come true!^^

P.s I’ve been watching Descendants of the Sun and I really like it! Ah.., Jessie never get’s old! She still look the same when I first watched her in full house back when I was in high school and of course, I’m a big fan of Soong Jongki!



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