The best Sunday.


Today is one of so many Sunday where I feel truly blessed and grateful that the Lord created this day! My favorite person in this world, my pastor Leo Carlo just came back from his trip from US. We missed him but as much as we want him to be with us every Sunday, so many people on the other side of the world also need him. Need to know Jesus through him. Anyway, as always, he doesn’t fail me. It was such a powerful teaching that teaches and continually changing me to be more and more better and Christ like. He won my heart, to live and fight for the Lord and for my life and I also wanted to be like win other people to win heart of the other people to fight for their life with Jesus. One thing that really pierce into my heart is when he said, the reason why you are here, you’re becoming better, you’re experiencing the love of the Lord is because there was  time, someone invited you to the church. Now is the time to return the favor and it’s like an eye opener for me. Why I am not returning the favor of also finding the lost? I was once like that. Hard working, independent, strong but was wrong and empty…until Jesus, the real Jesus came into my life and teach me things I never heard before.

I finally met Fen again. This girl seems so strong, and I can see my self in her. My old self. Always trying to fit in. Always trying to find a place but fails miserably so she ended up in a corner isolating her self and tagged herself as a “loner”! But I don’t want to be like that anymore. I want to be alive! I want to live to the fullest! If ever, Fen will stumble in this post, I want to tell her that “You are not alone, someone died for you before and now many are battling for you in the spirit to win this life! We love you and you will see it! I promise you that!

We go to subspace to drink some tea and coffee! Ah~ I always like a late night stroll. In this crowded city, late night is the best time to walk around. And I always like to go in a small cafe where we can talk and just hung out. Whenever I went to a small cafes I always feel it inside of me to have a small coffee shop where small group of people can hop in and just relax while sipping their favorite drink. I like it to be a Korean inspire. Korean designs are really cute and I like cute things too! ^^

This one is so cheesy but uhg this is cute!


I was grinning while taking this picture cause I remember Chanyeol and look at the face! haha:D


Then I find these paper cups…


and Tada! I find Xiumin!:D keke


So many things happened today and I will tell them next time or will just treasure it in my heart! The best Sunday is a Sunday spend not in malls but a Sunday spend in the Lord and those who love him!

I’m the one doing the peace signs! Peace!:D



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