Going Big in Small Groups


Last Saturday, I had a good talk with my leader. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to talk to her specially if she corrected me but it is still a good talk. I can share my worries to her, my fear, my doubts and things that makes me happy , my plans and my dreams! That’s a benefit of having a leader over your life. A leader who watches you and always ready to catch you when you stumble and fall. To say it the least, he’s one of my best friend, mother and mentor rolled up in one. My advise to everyone is don’t look for a perfect leader, but look for a leader who went in so many struggles yet she/he stand strong with the Lord. That person are worth watching for.

So we are excited because last Saturday, our life group in Milkcow officially started! Again, we find a secret place in Megamall. This place is also a Korean inspired, small space in front of fitness first, in forth floor megamall. Imagine, if you can come? We can grow the group and grow this store! Anyway, the time is every Saturday 6pm-7pm! What you can expect aside from bonding time? Expect to be alive! Expect Gods word and Gods love! Expect life! Expect mentoring, expect growing and multiplication! We will grow big in small groups!:)

I was grinning from ear to ear because she wanted to try the peace signs and she was so awkward but this one still came out nice!XD Can you believe we share the same name? That’s why we always joked we are sisters born from different mothers but nah, you’re my mom in the spirit!:D

The arrow said, “Follow us” but, will you Join us?:)



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