How should I say it…?


The latest backlash that Manny was getting due to his statement about bisexual is really something that he didn’t deserve. Yes, he might not use the correct term but no matter how you put, it is what is really is. He only said the worst description on it and forget to put some sugar and icing on top but still it is the truth. The problem with our generation today is we became so coward in telling the truth and we like to sugarcoat our statement.

Before I became a Christian, I really don’t care. If you are a gay or a lesbian, I don’t care as long as you are a good person because honestly, I’ve known gay and lesbian and they are really  good people so who am I to judge? I’m so naive to accept the thought, they just happen to be like that and they don’t have a choice. I even tried to join LGBT community in the company. But when I really got a grasp of it, and saw people who really fight hard and change and be a man just as what the Lord wanted them to be, my perspective totally change.

Homosexuality is a spirit that try to distort one’s thinking they are born to be like that. The Lord, didn’t make mistake and will never be. He created a man and woman bind them into marriage and summon them to go and multiply so let’s not re-invent that concept! The battle is not in the flesh but in the spirit that’s why we need to be spiritually strong to fight the desire of the flesh. Sure thing, you don’t like it, but the enemy is full of tactics to lure you away from God that when you entertain it, you surely as like slaves chain to those sins.

Just looking at the life of Manny, we can see how it is to follow God. He lost some fights and people blame it on his change of belief and now he lost so many twitter followers and some endorsements and receiving so much hate. Because, that is what it really is. People has a misconception that when you follow the Lord, everything will be smooth, nice and great and just heaven but no baby! The time you started to follow Jesus, Satan was there in front of you trying to destroy you and pulled you again in his kingdom. But you can now fight back because the Great one is behind your back helping you on your battle. So if everything is now fine in your life and you don’t even have a slight problem, think. Why’s satan’s not attacking you? Could it be because, you are now good friends and didn’t give him any trouble?

Just like Paul who suffer so much when he started to follow the Lord, I just wish Manny to be strong and the Lord blesses him more.


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