Back again!


So I guess, I miss so many things. Got caught up on many stuffs and I lost my password so wordpress blocked me for a while due to many attempt! Anyway~ I wish that everyone has a nice date last Valentines day! As for me, it’s single awareness day!:D Anyway~ it’s Sunday so I dated the Lord:) The message was so powerful on that day that I bawled my eyes out the whole service! I guess, the Lord’s love for mankind is the kind of Love that is at it’s best! It’s like an opening eye for me. It’s been a year already since I became a Christian and I’m still amaze of the things that I being discovered about me and the Lord.

I like a guy for quite sometime now. He’s also from the church. We were batch mate in the encounter and I hope nobody would read  this and figure out who he is! At first,I’m quite happy because I finally had a crush! Wow! I’m still normal! When I became a kpop fan, I hardly or at least didn’t felt a crush on someone so I discover, I can still notice someone normal. You know… not the usual guys behind my computer screen. So it was fun at first, every Sunday, I see him and got inspired! However as time goes by the feeling didn’t seize and worst thing, I see him in my mind everyday. During Sunday, even if he’s on the other side of the hall, I can see him.  I can’t see someone else again other than him. To make matter worst, I’m the only one who seems to see him. He can’t see me. So I’ve been praying until now that Lord, if he’s not the one, remove the feeling I had for him. I’m afraid to fall for him so hard and he’s not there to catch me…

Anyway, last Sunday, I’m suppose to be serving in the 4pm pre-encounter and goodness, he’s on our table again talking to some of his c012 and it’s not that he purposely stand there, it’s just the common area since we are just beside the welcome center. So I put up a poker face and pretend he’s not there but who am I kidding? Every cells of my body are screaming we were just 2 meters away!! As soon as Ate Winnie arrive, I run to SOL class just to get away! To cut the long story short, I saw him again after class. O yeah, we’re batch mate so yes, we’re classmate! I hope, he’ll get the Saturday class and I won’t be able to see him near the pre-enc area next Sunday. I’ll be serving in 12pm.

Right now, I’m afraid, anxious,bothered and like someone. But I will still pray and trust the Lord for there is a time for every activity under heaven. What is my love story will be? I’m also curious.

PS. I like this song a lot!




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