Happy 2016!


Yep, I know this is late but I just got back from a week holiday. As usual,I can’t let the holiday pass by without going back home. We get a ticket in advance so travel is less stressful and we arrived early around 8am.

I was able to roam around more this time since it’s not raining and my brother has his motorbike. I just enjoy the fresh air and the sun so I got a little tan! No traffic and we’re just there roaming around by mountain and by the sea.

No traffic! We can only dream this in the city!

Right side is a sea..

We fitted in 2 motor bikes! just kiddin’. we use three!

our little boy enjoying the sand! 😀  he’s there from 10am-3pm so he ended up with a sunburn.

Good morning sunshine! This was taken in the morning before I go back to the city. My mom love orchids and we have a jack fruit tree in front of the house.

This is taken from the ship when we started to sail.You see, my place is just a simple, beautiful one!:)

While we rush to go back to city due to works and commitments, these lucky fellas also going back to this place.

Beautiful isn’t it?:)


All things come to an end! But it doesn’t matter.It’s still a beautiful thing that happened!

May you all have a beautiful kick start of 2016!



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