Of course, it’s been a long time since my last post. It’s not that I forget I have a blog account. Sometimes, I just can’t find a time and sometimes I just can’t..

To be honest, this day is the day where I get confused if I should be happy or sad. They said it’s the time of remembering those that are dead but I just can’t understand why so many are posting their pictures in the Karaoke having a small party. Maybe, they are happy?

Anyway~ I only know that my parents go to cemetery and light a candle.At the age of 16, I move in the city so I don’t really grow up celebrating this day except that it is a holiday.

What I don’t understand is why there are so many people who spend in cemetery without even going to church today? I mean, can they go to church and go to cemetery after?Isn’t it important to spend time with the living God?

In my short time with the ministry,I see how people who claimed they believe in God, take him for granted. Why there are a lot of people who choose to have a “family day” at home rather than go to church? They can go to church together but why they rather go to park or mall? Why there are a lot of people who can’t find time to go church yet they have time for a party, a concert, a gig, a night out, an over night, an eat out. Why they rather spend in the office doing overtime rather than serving God? Why there are a lot of people who choose the world than the Lord?

Anyway~ I know someone who ones with the Lord but he choose the world. He’s so passionate before but suddenly, he disappeared so I checked his FB and it’s sadden me. He’s surrounded with beers with a cigarette on his fingers with a girl in his right and left and just so different of how I saw him before. This guy is rich but….*sigh*

The works of the enemy is this, he will give you things that will cause you not to go to God, to hate him, to despise him and sometimes, he will give you nice things like a gel, soft and comfy so that you will not think of leaving and go to the Lord and just stay there! Be careful!

The enemy had come to Kill, Steal and Destroy,but I have come for you to have a life and have it to the full. John 10:10

So why?


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