The Greatest Love story of all


Most of us has been really fascinated by greatest story shown on TV or cinema. Titanic, Cinderella, Snow white, and as for me who love k-drama, I was hooked in the story of Boys over flower, Winter sonata, Princess Hour and so many drama,series and telenovelas. But I learned one story that I think it is the greatest story of them all… The story of Man and the Lord.

God created everything before he created Adan. Before he created the man, he created first all the things he needed. Would you agree with me if I say it was awesome? Before we even exist, all the things we need was there already. But he didn’t end there. He knows that something was not good. In a paradise, no sin, and with everything, something was not good! Something was missing- Eve. (Behold ladies, the world is not complete without us. We are the finishing touch of Lord’s creation). The Lord created Eve and gave it to Adan and the Lord let them live in a paradise in just one condition, they must not eat the fruit of the tree at the center of the garden. Did you ever asked why the Lord even put that tree there when he even know that it will cause a man to destruction? I did asked it! Can he just take out that tree so there’s no way for Adan and Eve to fall into sin? Without that tree everything is perfect, isn’t it? But why?

Would you agree with me that it is not love when you don’t have a choice? And God knows it! He didn’t created a robot. He created a human and gave us a freewill. He wanted us to choose him. Isn’t it amazing? He didn’t force his self to us. He longed to be chosen over that tree! But the saddest part… the man choose the tree. They choose to disobey. They choose the world. Before we felt betrayal, the Lord felt it first. And I can only imagine the pain… Imagine you give everything to your boyfriend- your time, money, body and soul and he still choose another girl as if your everything wasn’t enough! You dedicate everything to your family yet it is not enough, and they will tell you, Anna is much better than you! Can you feel the pain burning inside you? That’s how the Lord felt when Adan and Eve eat the fruit. Betrayed. Hurt. Devastated.

Can he just forgive them and forget everything?(My question again :)). The answer- He cannot co-exist with sin. Yes, he can forgive but as long as man didn’t repent, and continue on sinning, he can’t co- exist. Man didn’t know he’s doing a wrong thing until he felt the consequence. If he forgave Adan and Eve right there and then, would they know in their heart that they did something wrong? No. So as painful as it is, the Lord made a decision… He drives out the man from paradise…isn’t this such a sorrowful story?

But the Lord so love the world and he don’t want the man to just end in death ( the wages of sin is death) so he gave his only son so that who may ever believe in him will have an eternal life! Who will make a decision like that? Who will give his precious son or his most precious possession just for someone who did not choose him and disobey him and betrayed him and choose something else over him, who sinned against him? The Lord did. Jesus came to earth to redeem us. To pay the price of our debt because we can’t do it. He experience the life of a mortal, he even experience betrayal (hi Judas!) like what his father experienced. He experience a painful, gruesome, cruel death mankind could ever experience so that we could live! Would you agree that the Lord is always making a way and persistent that we all live with him in paradise again? Isn’t this familiar with the tv series we often watch? You and Me against the world! Man and the Lord against the world!

Remember, he created us with a freewill. It didn’t said there that because Jesus died we all going to live eternally. WE.HAVE.TO.BELIEVE.

Right now, the story is still on going and each of us, will going to put an ending to it. Will you believe? Will you choose him now? Adan and Eve~ with this second chance, who will you choose?

May you made a right decision and the Lord’s story with man kind will have a happy ending. God Bless you more!


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