What is Sunday?


For a long time, I always believe that Sunday is just a day before Monday and how I wish it will last forever!:D Sometimes, it is just ordinary day where I could just curled up in bed or sit in front of TV. Sometimes it is a family day and a rest day! All of these are partly correct but in a deeper way, Sunday is a day that we should spend with God~ our Heavenly Father and should be spend in his family~ The church!

Sometimes I felt bad whenever I invite someone to go to church and they will tell me, they can’t because today is a family day. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if you spend this family day in the house of the Lord but a lot of people use this day to go to mall or just simply in their home. Who is your real family? Who is your real Father?

The Lord, give us six days to do all the things that we need to do. Six days to go to work, to go to school, to perform the things we need to do to live on earth, to reach our dreams and he only asked one day! Can you imagine it? He created everything and give us everything according to our faith and he only asked one day (we even reduce it to hours) to be with his house. Is anyone would agree that it was so selfless? But the sad part, a lot of people can’t do it…

This is a very famous line, Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything will be given to you! I grow up in a family that didn’t really go to church! My family’s tag line, as long as you didn’t hurt somebody, you’re fine. The church is for the sinners and if you didn’t sin, no need to go to church! Wrong! Jesus didn’t sinned but he shows the importance of church! The church is considered as his bride and He as a groom.

My prayer, is that people will have a desire to spend time with the Lord. That we will always seek His kingdom.  Our life here on earth is temporary and it’s no point spending your whole life seeking your place here on earth when you’re already losing your place in Heaven! Go to church! if there is a place where you could spend your time and could help you walk in the will of the Lord and be a person you are meant to be- It’s in his house-  it’s the church! May you have a blessed day with God!


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