I love my church!


This title maybe odd to others and for some they’re not use to this but I just can’t help it to post how I love my church! Destiny is my destiny!”:) I don’t know how it happened but I saw their passion, I saw how they care their people, I saw how they help so many to succeed and before I know it, they’ve been rooted deep down into my heart.

I love how they value humility. How they desire and really work hard towards national transformation. I love how they disciplined the people and how they strive for excellence. I love how the pastors committed their life to people. I saw how Ps. Carlo preach from 9am- 7pm non stop. I saw how he ate his meal in between during worship. Really, their dedication towards God’s work is amazing and admirable and I’m always in awe and proud to say,this is my Pastor! This is my church! And I love them!

Church is not a building. It’s the people who love God and love one another and I just want to share this song because this is so real to me and to Destiny!

My prayer for everyone is that you will find a house of God that you can call a home and you will root there and you will grow and will shape your character and you will be dedicated and you will be strong and will not be shaken and someday, you will testify how you love your church just like me!


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