One moment with a King!


Have you ever had a moment in your life that felt like you’re just corpses? Like… you know you’re alive but you’re not actually living? That you’re afraid to smile because they will see the big hole in your heart from your eyes? You thought you’re happy but you’re actually alone and lonely stuck in the four corners of your room? You thought you had everything but you’re actually have nothing?

I had this moment before I know who’s the real God is. But what I needed is just one moment with the King and it changes everything! Just an encounter! I hardly cry before, because there’s no one to cry on actually. I only cry when someone say’s goodbye because I know I will never see them again but when it comes to problem, nah! I had just tried to carry it all thinking I’m a strong independent girl who could conquer the world by my own. But now I cried more than I cried in my childhood days.

I realized, being a Christian will not free you from any problems. The more you follow the Lord, the more problems will be thrown at you by the enemy. However, it’s different now. I have Jesus!

On Friday, there will be another encounter in the church and what’s exciting is to see these baby Christians had a moment with the King and witness how their life changes and transform to a person they are meant to be! If anyone want’s to experience how an encounter felt like, drop me a message.^^

The King is Among Us!


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