She said, “I do!”


I pray that everyone who can read this will always well and in the will of the Lord though I don’t know if someone ever really read this. I’m like a mushroom blogger! You see me, you see me not! Anyway, I’m doing fine.My last post was like I’m really hurt, now I can’t exactly remember what happened at that time that hurt me. I just learned how to heal myself every time and not to dwell in the past.

Today, my friend since kinder got married and I’m so happy for her. She is also a christian now and while looking at her, I just got teary eyed because wow~ she finally find her destiny. I remember her in the past, she’s like a normal girl, we walk 5 kilometers everyday just to go to school and now when I saw her in white dress, so beautiful, I was just in awe on what God has done to her. I also asked, when will I say “I do”?

Now a days I often get question when will I get married and I was like, I asked that too! However, I’m not really got offended now or feel the pressure because I know that in God’s perfect time, he will come. My leader told me that we will always get what we deserve. Whoever will be our husband, that’s our level. He’s what we deserve and honestly, at my stage,I don’t want that person that I deserve on my current level. There are many things in me that are still under repair. I asked God for my ideal man, so I know that I have to raise my bar to be on the level of the person I’ve asked for.

Here’s the mistake of many girls or boys. They always look for a person who will fill the holes in their life. Poor girl dreamed for a rich man but she didn’t do anything to be on the level of what she asked for. She’s not looking for a husband but a filler of what’s lacking in her life. You may asked, isn’t that we’re supposed to dream? Yes! But a dream without action will remain a dream. We always get what we deserve. If you want to marry a prince, be a princess. If you want to marry a princess be a prince!

So my friend said “I do” and I know, I will too! ….sa tamang panahon.:)


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