It’s raining!


It’s literary raining here in the metro because of the typhoon Egay and I pray that everything is safe and no one’s get hurt! But, I’m not here to talk about the weather.

Have you ever experience a rains of blessing? If you say no, common, open your eyes and see! The problem with our society right now is that we always struggle to see the missing piece in our life  and we became blind to what we already have. If you’re reading this blog right now, you already got the big blessing you could ever get- LIFE. You got PC or laptop of course, you have internet, you have sight, you have light, probably you even have a TIME to read this blog. One thing I learned is to see the things I already have, and treasure them while they last. I have my family who love me, I have a job that help me to continue on living, I have my friends who cheer up my day and someday, I hope the Lord will give me a boyfriend too! 😀

Just look around and you will see rain of blessings of the Lord.

For the past couple of months, we are in a transition period. Our project has just go live last March and really, there’s a lot of adjustment and a lot of things to learn that I finally came to a moment, that I just stare on the space and clear out my mind until someone flick a finger in front of me to bring me to reality. Staying in the office until 4am wasn’t really a good one and every single day, I will pray to the Lord to give me a wisdom and  a patient heart. For three months, I keep on praying, working hard and learning as much as I could! Then just last week, my team lead, manager and service delivery lead go to me. I was shock and quite scared to see them all in front of me, thinking, was there a major escalations? But I was wrong! They went to me to personally say thanks and I did a good job! That experience was mind blowing because in my 5 years of experience in the company, never did my big bosses  came to me to personally thank me, not because I didn’t do well on my job, they just settle on sending e-mails and giving you certificates and points and rewards but still nothing beats on a warm thank you! So to all the leads and managers, I encourage you, never hold back on recognizing your people, go to them, tap their shoulders, shake their hands and thank them for a job! well done! The next morning, I personally received a thank you card of course, the big big bosses higher than my SDL was in copy!

What I’m trying to say is that, when the things are tough, when the things are difficult and not on your favour, when you need help, PRAY. Go to Him and let him help you and never give up! He is capable of breaking the chains and make the things all possible. Your job is not a curse, it’s a blessing! It maybe hard at times, but it’s a blessing!

Is it raining?


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