Hate is not the opposite of Love


Yep~ you read it right, love is not the opposite of hate. When you love you hate! They are sisters! You cannot love without hating. When you love someone, you hate it when he get hurt, you hate when he’s in pain, you hate when he do foolish things, you hate when someone hurt him, you hate when he didn’t texted you, you hate when he didn’t remember you, you hate so many things! Why? Because you care, you love, you want nothing but the best for him or her.

When my brother is  still in school and living with me, I hate so many things! I hate it when he didn’t manage well the budget that I gave him. I hate when he’s careless. I hate when he didn’t look good in my eyes! I thought before, he’s just plainly annoying and when I tried to reflect my action, I end up blaming myself for being not a good sister for him. I’m not trying to console myself now that it’s because I love him. I did and  always will. It’s just, I didn’t realize it before and  express myself wrongly.

What is the opposite of Love then? It’s when you didn’t care anymore. When his action didn’t affect you anymore. When you didn’t notice him anymore. So be thankful when your mom nag you a lot. Be thankful of those sweet nothing text that your friends send you. Be thankful when they tell you  to comb your hair because you seem like you just pass by in some tornado. Be thankful when they got angry when you go home late. Be thankful when they corrected you. When they slap just to hug you after! They only care. They just love you!

Today~ I’m happy that my brother go with me in the Sunday service! He is hesitant at first, and told me, he don’t want to change religion. But I always say this, Jesus is not a religion. He is real and the church help me to walk in His will. I told Him it doesn’t matter what religion he is in, as long as he do what is right. It’s half truth half lie because in a family, it matters that you have one faith and one vision. I know it won’t be easy but I pray that someday, they will understand what a real Christianity! To live a life of a real Christian.

A powerful word from our pastor today: “Most people settle for less, for what is fake because they cannot afford the reality”

I prophecy~ Someday, someone will be brave enough to stand there beside me, hold my hand and watch the beauty of the world till the end of infinity!


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