Moving on, Going back!


It’s been months since my last post and I feel sorry for this account because I can’t visit and post often. I know this is a lame excuse but I’m so busy right now plus I’m distancing myself on lurking too much in SNS. Yesterday, my co-worker ask me if I blog and I suddenly remember this account. 😀  Anyway- I will try to post more often and have this account active again, yeah, I’m going back to blogging!

What makes me busy?

Work. Sometimes I hate it but I realize that I should not. Work is a blessing! It help me to live a life. One of our SDL told us, “You work to live, not live to work!” I’m just happy now that I’m able to cope up with the process and no longer like a lost puppy. At least I know now my way around and I like the work environment that I have now. Everyone is eager and hungry for knowledge and the collaboration is the best. The benefits of working in a BPO company is you were  able to exercise your collaboration skills by working with other people across the world.

Ministry. Last year, I mention that I’m converting from Catholic to a Christian. I’m hesitant at that time, afraid as well. How does it feel to leave the religion that  I grow up with. The belief that you and your family share with. My Mom always said it doesn’t matter what religion you are in as long as you do what is right and she’s right! It doesn’t matter, because  God is not all about religion, He is real  and whoever believe in Him has the right to be called children of God. That feeling of belonging, the feeling of being love, the feeling of having a family aside from your real family, the feeling that there is always someone who’s backing you up, guiding you and walking with you in this journey of life, I found it in the church, in Destiny. My family is ok with it, at first my Mom ask me why, but it seems that I became a better daughter and she’s ok with it now. Sometimes, with all the failures I’ve done in the past, I asked myself what have I done that God still bring these amazing people in my life? And always, I realized, He loved me and He always will! When I sinned and neglected him, He love me. When I didn’t know him aside from his name, he Knows me inside out and love me. When I am lost and alone, he gave me amazing people in my life.

Currently, I’m happy I’m back to him. I’m serving in His ministry and it’s just amazing to see other people change as well because they finally know Him. My family is not here with me, but He gave me  another family. 🙂

Last week we went to Hundred Island~ such a beautiful place!


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