Exo Planet 2: The Exo’luXion


Until now, it’s still so unbelievable I was able to go to Korea and watch Exo concert for the first time. No, I won’t count DKFC. I was so far from them back then. So, after countless battle to get the ticket, I started to process my visa last February and thank God, it was approved. So the wait for March 14 became too long for me, I just wanted to drag the days.

March 14, 2015: The day that I’m waiting that seems not to come. I dashed to the airport, after my shift ended at 3 am. No one knows I’m going to Korea that day, aside from my family and some closest friends. It’s my first time travelling abroad annd I’m travelling alone so I’m a li’l nervous, but for my love for Exo and love to go to Korea, nothing could stop me baby! At 12 pm, I landed in Incheon International airport and I was at awe on how big their airport is. How it is so high tech, clean and organize. I look for the KTX and ride to our hostel, again, it was so fast! After leaving my bag, I go to gymnastic park stadium! However, I rode on the wrong train so I have to go back two stations more and ride the correct train! Good thing, their subways, are so organized and fast so at 5pm, I finally arrived at the stadium and meet my friends. Take note, I don’t have sleep, and didn’t eat too! So, we quickly grab a coffee and enter the stadium!

Concert: It was full pack! You couldn’t see any vacant seat. What’s good in there is the upper box is not literary upper, and the stage is so big that we still could see the members close enough whenever they go to our side! The crowd went wild when the lights turned off and the crowd became a mini galaxy ocean or silver ocean as they called it! It got even wilder when the members appeared on stage as gorgeous as they ever been. I won’t go into so much detail because honestly, I can’t fully remember what happened! All the members are so adorable in their own way but the members who leave a deep impression on me is Tao. No wonder they said Tao is so much good looking in person than in photos. It’s true! He has injury so he can’t participate on most stages so he just pooped out anywhere on stage and disappear! We said, he has his own production and costume. lels. He is sooo tall and so good looking specially when he wore those tight jeans, black jacket, shades with his spiked up blond hair! Ok, he can be anything he want, hot and sexy and dark and he could also be cute, adorable and cry baby.

Sehun: Sehun is so tall and so lean! He’s so good looking! He also got injured so he wasn’t able to finish the concert! He cried. TT_TT. he loved our side so, we got so many Sehun’s feels!

Chanyeol: Chanyeol is so tall as well.Just he’s much much good looking in person! He loved our side as well. Maybe all the maknaes love our side.

Kai: Usually at the center but he often stay a li’l bit longer on our side before going to the front side of the stage. I don’t know why they called him dark. TBH, he’s whiter than me. Even Tao! he’s just tall and sexy!

Just when I thought, maknaes  are really the hottest and sexiest in the group and the hyung are the cute and adorable ones, Xiumin, suddenly rip off his shirt and flashed his 8 packs abs and my eyes just couldn’t believe it that I face like Xiumin could have a beastly body! He’s really cute and small just like a 15 years old teenager. Sometimes, he’s feature is lady like cause he’s so small.lol. DO is so small as well specially when he stand beside Chanyeol or anyone from the maknaes I mentioned above! Lay~ is just so cute and so white! You can’t missed him because of his yellow hair, he became even whiter, same with Suho! Chen and Baek was just the same as they appear on screen. Just that they are thinner specially Chen.

To make the long story short, the concert was so awesome! The stage production and the effects and the lightning,I have nothing to say but really amazing! The crowd, was really really beautiful. A million times beautiful than those photos we’ve seen. I could say that Exo is not just a group of pretty boys but a group of talented boys with different charms and charisma who could pull out dark and sexy concept, cute and adorable and just kids who in the middle age, continued to press forward and reach their dreams and give happiness to their fans.

You know, I always asked myself, why SM/EXO didn’t held a concert in a bigger venue and lessen the days because 5 days was just so crazy and tiring. But then, I realized, they loved their fans too much that even though it is tiring, they still choose the 15K capacity venue and held a show for five days for them to get nearer to the fans. Let’s face it, their popularity right now, they could easily sold out a 50K capacity venue, but they didn’t do it. Some of them get hurt during those 5 days but the shows must go on and that’s what I really admire. The perseverance to continue until the end!

To Exo-

Thank you for the amazing concert and may you continue to hold concert in other countries as well. Always be safe and always treat each day and new beginning. See you next time! Saranghamnida!


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