Can you guess?


Can you guys guess what is this?

Can you guys guess what’s the above photo? Yep! It’s a Bible! Can you believed that it’s my very first bible and I’m so happy that I  finally have it. Now I could return my friend’s bible that I’ve been hoarding. Haha.

Last week, our lesson is all about the Bible and now I have a deeper understanding and appreciate this book so much  that I need to have my own no matter what! And because this February was just so amazing and full of miracles, I really felt, that maybe. above all else, I need to have a bible of my own.

Last week, I learned that the Bible was written for 1600 years, by 40 authors who’s not related at all and from different generation and it’s composed of 66 books and from beginning to an end, it only says one thing, How Lord love his people. It is the best selling book  ever been sold in the world and the best selling book every year. When you take a look in Guinness world record site, Bible has been approximately sold 5 billion copies and it still didn’t count those under ground publication in countries that this book is prohibited and those that are given for free. It was also translated the most to different languages.! Isn’t it amazing?!

Anyway~ I do encourage everyone to buy one. There’s so many beautiful designed! There’s a manga design, a princess design, a CD design, a pant’s design, and man other cute design! Mine, is like a clutch bag and it’s far from being a bible from the outside!

By the way, my korean visa has been granted yesterday!!Yey!:D


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