The day they meet again!

The day they meet again!

I really didn’t imagine that today, will become a very special day for me. Look, I am a Krishan bias. Luhan is my top and Kris is my second and I guess  I posted enough how devastated I am when the two of them left the group! I was crashed and my posts about wasn’t enough. I thought that I will never see them again together  however, February 8, exactly 8 months and 8 days, they meet  again! You don’t know what I feel right now. Like, I thought that this will never happen again but it did! I’m just so happy! So happy that I don’t know how to express it! I miss them a lot. Seeing them together in one picture doing crazy things together, reaching their dreams. I miss it! Krishan had finally meet!  Exo and Krishan.. do you think it’s possible? Who knows!

For now, let’s just celebrate this day! To infin8ty and beyond! Happy Krishan Day!




Krishan friendship is older than Exo itself!


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