Love Month! Love is…


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Happy love month everyone! Isn’t  this month exciting? Many are probably having a plan already for February 14, planning a surprise maybe,or thinking a gift they could give to their precious one. For some, this is a very special month and for others, this is just the 2nd ordinary month of the year. The usual month because you don’t have a  girlfriend or boyfriend to celebrate with and you know what, I  used to be this kind of person. I could’t careless for this month, hate this even sometimes but I realized, this is not just about those in relationships. This month is for everybody who love. Do you love your parents? This is for you. Do you love your sisters and brothers? This is for you. Do you love your friends?This is for you. You can always treat them and show how much you love them.

Maybe there are some who’s asking…why I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend? I always asked myself before, why I don’t have a boyfriend? Am I ugly? Is something wrong with me? Or, am I too intimidating? Are they blind and can’t see me? Or, I love Kpop too much,I can’t see them anymore? I asked and asked these questions and a lot more until I realized the true meaning of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7. “Love is patient, Love is kind. It is never jealous, boastful and proud. It is never selfish, it is never rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable. It keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never give up,never loses faith. Love is always hopeful,and endures through every  circumstances.

Love is patient, I’m impatient. I believed being patient is just a waste of time. Maybe I had mention this already but I don’t believed on a saying, Try and Try until you succeed. I rather have,try and try then quit! Why waste? Find another way! However, it says Love is patient…

Love is kind. I am. Only to those who are also kind to me…are you guys one of the people who didn’t smile until the other person  smile first or greet first? I used to be that person.

Love never jealous, boastful and proud and I easily get jealous,  boastful and proud. I wish you will still read my blog in the future.

It is never selfish, never rude and I am selfish, and rude. Ha! I rather eat my food in the rest room than to share it to everybody and I might lose my few readers because of this. Stay  with me  please.

Love does not demand it’s own way. I am a  very choleric person and I wanted everything in my own way. When I say you do it, you do it now!

Love is not irritable and I am the exact opposite. My temper is like a brothers and close friends could testify to it.

It keeps no record of being wronged and I am a person who forgive but never forget.

It does not rejoice about injustice… hmmm, let’s say, I am happy when the person I hate got reprimanded.

It never give up and I say, try and try then quit.

Love loses faith…let’s say, I easily get discourage when I didn’t get what I need. I don’t like rejection. I’m afraid of it.

Love is always hopeful, yes I am; and endures through every circumstances, Yes I am.

You see, I only said yes twice in these verse. Why I don’t have a boyfriend? Because I only say Yes twice. Right now, I am working so that the next time I read this verse, I could say “Yes I am!” to everything. By then, I know that  when he came, I am ready. Our pastor always say, guard your family,guard your finances, guard your love ones, guard your friends, guard your church,  but above all else GUARD YOUR HEART! Your treasure lies on what inside your heart. Isn’t that we put a password to our ATM card so that no one could access to it? That’s where are money and we always make sure that it is only us who could access it. What about your heart? Is it well guarded? Protected? Or you let anyone have an access to it? Guard your heart.


The people who’s helping me…


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