Training is over for a real beginning


It’s been three whole week of training and finally it’s over and I could sleep now! We’ve been moving the schedule and it’s really hard to cope up when you have new sched everyday and it’s very traffic during 9:am and 6:pm and the 10 minutes ride became 2 hours! However, the real battle will begin next week. Our SME’s will be going back to their country and you know what, one of them is from Prague where Yifan’s shoot Somewhere Only We know.(By the way, SOWK will be shown Feb 10, instead for Feb 14 so I’m really excited). Maybe, they don’t want to go head to head with Christian Grey! I will still choose SOWK though cause it’s Yifan! 🙂

Back to training, I know that they might not read this but then who knows.. I want to thank those two ladies who flew all the way from Dublin just to train us for three weeks and it’s awesome though it’s very tiring and I’ve been overload with information. But they’ve done a fantastic job! It was really organize and they really used up every minute. They’ve been such an expert and didn’t mind spending extra minute just to answer our questions. Very patient. I wish I could be like them someday! Valerie was so cute though. She’s just so adorable and when she’s happy she was like a kid who got a barbie doll! Zuzana was just so cool and so hot just like her country Prague! 🙂 Thank you ladies, we will always wish you the best and we will do our best as well!

Do you think I go to Prague someday?


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