Vision in 2015


I’ve been on and off from blogging. There’s been a lot going on but I’ll try to keep this account active and have a post at least once a week. Happy new year to everyone who could read this post! Don’t we all love new year? N.E.W year? Where we could start all over again, fresh, new and alive? Before, I haven’t really thought about it. All I care about are the foods serve on the table and after, we will change the calendar in our house and life goes on. However, I realized that I should be thankful, I was given another year to continue all the good things and changed the bad things in my life. To dream. To begin again.

How do we start a new year?

Have a Vision. Where are you going? What are the things you want to do in 2015? By having a vision, you will be guided in everything that you do in everyday of your life. You don’t have to get up in the morning wondering what you gonna do the whole day because you have a purpose, a direction, a dream, a vision of what you want to be in the future. One of our pastor says that the most pathetic person on earth is someone who has sight but can’t really see. Have a vision.

How we gonna do it? Let’s all do it together, ok?
1. Write it. You can write this on a notebook, if you have a spare one. Or in a note or in your cellphone or in a beautiful paper… it doesn’t matter. You can keep it to yourself or you can post it on your wall so that you could see it everyday.

2. Think all the different aspect of your life that you need a changed, or you want something to happen on it. Here are the most important one. Your relationship with God, your family, your ministry, your career, your personal life, your church and your own family(if you’re already married). Dream BIG and write it down!

3. Pray for it that God will give you all your dreams and vision for this year, or in His perfect time.

4. Start living on your vision. I mention, “God’s perfect time”. Sometimes, this words are being use in a wrong way. People, stop living in their dreams because they believed that God will give it in his perfect time. Wrong! Start living it now! Act on it! Work on it! Now! who knows, God will give it to you sooner than he originally plan because he knows you’re capable enough to received his gift. You may say, this kind of dream seems like impossible. Wrong again! Everything is possible with the Lord. If your dream seems extraordinary, work extraordinary. If it’s ordinary, work extraordinary and a miracle will happen. 🙂

One of my vision for this year is to travel. Korea~~ wait for me!!:D


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