Happy Birthday Mark!


Happy 23rd birthday Nonoy! I should have called you Mark but then it feels weird so I’ll just call you, the way how I call you. Your birthday is on 20th but I might not have enough time to write by then (office is busy) so I’m writing this two days early. But then you won’t be able to read this until then so this is fine.

Wow! You’re already 23! Time fly fast. Yesterday, you are just 14 who always argue with me but now you are a grown up man. You know, sometimes, I thought, that I owe you a lot of time and I steal a lot of your time and important events of your life. When you graduated in high school, I’m not there. Every time you celebrated your birthday, I’m not there. You have to give up two years of college because of me. So, you didn’t know how thankful I am when you go back to school and finish it however, I made again another mistake. When you graduated, none of our parents were there to accompany you on stage to received your diploma. They’re here, with me. You told me, it’s ok but I know deep inside, it’s hard for you, hurt you that after so many years of hardship in school, they’re not there to watch you finish it. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to do anything at that time…

You see, there are a lot of things that I can’t do for you.. a lot of time I can’t be with you so I have another wish from you..I know you should be the one asking for a wish but today let me do it. Passed your exam and find a decent job. While you’re young, you have to earn not just money but also experience. Better than me, you know how hard life is, so you need to be stable in every aspect of your life. You told me, you don’t have plan to get married yet but sooner or later, you will think about it so have a job that could support yourself and your family. Dream big.

Thank you for the two years you’ve given up for me. I won’t forget it. We always fight before but now we don’t have time to fight anymore. haha. I guess, we did really grow up. However, I’m thankful that you grow up to a fine sweet man. Always be healthy and happy. Stay away from trouble and also, stop fighting with Louie. He’s the only brother you had and what ever happens, blood is always thicker than water. Guard your heart. Choose a woman who’s clothed with strength and dignity. Who will love you as much if not more than we love you, who will love you until the end in happiness and distress. When time comes that you have a girl to be introduce to me, bring her to the altar but find a job first!

Happy birthday again! I wish you nothing but the best. I love you. Even everything ends, I love you. Even if you’ll hate me or I will tell you I hate you, remember that I love you already. God bless you. I’m proud of you. Thank you for being my brother. -Ate


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