Yifan’s birthday party + “There is a place” released


The first half of November is a happiest day of my life as a Luhan and Kris fans. After Luhan’s appearance on “Back to 20” press conference, Kris take his turn. On November 5, he appeared on an interview in Sina for his movie “Somewhere only we know”.

Smile baby! smile!

When he was asked if he still contacted EXO, he answer that’s something he can’t reveal. So maybe he did? I’m not getting my hopes high, they ended bad. I’m thinking he’s in contact with Luhan since they’re in the same situation with SM and they’re both in China.

SOWK weibo also released some photo of him and this one is my favorite.

hello there cello boy!!^~

He also celebrated his birthday on tencent with a live streaming and it garnered 1.4 million views! Just wow!

steaming hot as he entered…

And whenever he’s around, you won’t  definitely going to be bored. Just look on his drawing of his ideal girl! 😀

Yifan’s ideal girl!

This looks like a sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pwahahaha!!!! He said he like, angelic girls! How could we if by just looking at you, we became sinful! haha. Kidding. I wish you will find this kind of girl baby and I could find someone like you and Luhan too! Just a combination of the both of you will do! I’m not really picky! kekeke.

Yifan, you’re not in a photo shoot! Sit properly!!

He got teary eyed when a video where shown and there is an EXO-M. Oh..baby, maybe we’re not the only that’s also hurting. But everything will be alright. he thank everyone and said that they could do it again next time with his brothers. ( You mean EXO?) Hah~ I’m pretty delusional at times but who knows. He sing his new song, “There is a Place” live with his friends. The song was release on 12:oo am on November 6 and the music video was release at around 12:00 pm on the same day. It’s his self  compose song and I also got emotional because, we could now see his full potential as a soloist.

Maybe he’s not yet that good live but he’ll get used to it as time goes by, step by step. Because he’s the mighty dragon and the leader of EXO-M and when you put a fire to a dragon, it only get’s stronger and stronger. Happy birthday again Yifan! I’m happy seeing you getting your dreams and I know you will. A Meigeni, an Exo-L and a Lufan like me will keep on watching you, and loving you and supporting you and wishing you well from afar! Because in my heart, There is always a place for you! I love you more than you ever know!

back at you!




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