Will I ever forget?


In two weeks, I’ll be having my encounter and to be honest, I’m afraid! Encounter is 3 days event where you will going to know God more and be change for a better and I don’t know if after that, I will still be a fan of Kpop. Idol-ism is a sin in Christian teaching. Worshiping those idols is totally a no-no! Well, I’m not really worshiping my bias. It’s just that my love and admiration for them is so deep I should ever did and I know it’s wrong that’s why I’m also taking my distance slowly! The way I spazz with SJ and EXO now, is so minimal than before. Maybe, another factor also is the hurt that they cause to me. But I’m afraid that I won’t love them anymore after the encounter. They’ve been my stress reliever whenever I’m depressed and stressed over work and personal matters, they bring me joy and happiness whenever I fell sad and lonely. I’ve meet lots of good friends  because of them, they are all professional but went crazy when it’s kpop talk. But, I can’t deny this calling. I can’t turned my back to Him once again. Before I attended  in a christian church, I quieted many times before but then he really kept on calling me and then when all my plans on that day got cancelled and my friend asked me again if I wanna go, I told to Him, “If this is really what you want, give me my heart desire!”. At that time,I’m preparing for my 3rd interview for promotion. I’ve been rejected twice and it’s really hurt but my manager told me to apply again so I did. You see, I made a bargain to Him at that time and guess what, I’ve been promoted! He listened to me and I know that from that time, it’s my turn to fulfill my commitment. Time passes and I’m meeting lot’s of people and learn more and more about Him and learn more mistakes about me. For months, I’ve been asking myself, I am ready to abandon kpop? and my always answer is No, they give me happiness and I don’t know what to do if I lose them. I said this so many times, I’ll love them forever. But these days, my answer started to change and  the Yes, started to get clearer and clearer in my head and in my heart that’s why I’m asking, what will happen after the encounter?

I really don’t know. I don’t want to leave kpop, to forget Krishan, SJ and EXO but I’m ready if I have to.

To Luhan- I love you so much that it hurts when you leave but we can’t do anything bout it yeah? So, right now, please be happy and always be happy. I always pray that you’ll be safe and healthy and He will give you also the desire of your heart, nothing but the best. I love and miss you so much! Xiexie

To Kris- I love you too. You made my world turned upside down because you are so unpredictable and just a dork and cool and hot and simply awesome and I wish also that you will always be safe and healthy and happy and step by step  you’ll reach your dream. Xiexie

To SJ- You’ve done a lot! I love you! In case the time came that I didn’t love you anymore, please know that I did. Wholeheartedly. I wish that you will stay for a very long time and will continue to inspire people. Please be happy and protect each other. Kamsahamnida!

To Exo- You’re such an awesome kids. It’s not so long since you were born but the amount of achievement you received was far from the rest. Please take care and don’t overwork yourself too much. Your health is more important than money so please take care. Rest and rock the world again. The 10 of you has a special place in my heart. You’re still young and has a very long way to go. Protect, love, and cherish each other like we do. I love you my babies. Kamsahamnida.

I feel like bedding goodbye! lol. This is just, if things get happen but then there are a lot of possibility! Today, I attended a gathering of young professionals and one thing that was share on the night is a saying, “If Bob has a problem to everybody, Bob is the problem”. Last last Sunday, one of the teaching is that being a significant, in work, in family, in every organization you’re in. He said that, when you do your job you’ve been paid for, you are a mere employee. Replaceable anytime, all the time. However, when you go beyond your call of duty, you add value on the things that you do, you became significant, valuable, asset, irreplaceable.

So, are you a significant?

May you all have a good night! God bless you all.



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