Luhan in “Miss Granny” presscon


Luhan had attended the Miss Granny’s presscon today and… can I just cry again? I cried countless of times since he left…more than I cried to Yifan, I must be silly but seeing him again today was just so overwhelming! I miss him so bad! One month felt so long I wanna drag the days to come. Now, I see him again, healthier, insanely cute and pretty and man, did the world moved back to 20 for him? He look much younger! I mean, fresh and looks so young I might not believe he’s 24 now! He’s still in black hair but this time, it’s not overly styled and his face’s not stuffed with make up.

I watched some cuts and when the two female lead lean to pretend kissing on his both cheeks for picture taking.. he got embarrassed and tried to cover his face with this plate! hahaha.. so cute! 🙂

Trying to hide in a plate!kkk

I read that an EXO manager attend on the presscon. I don’t know if it’s true and why would a manager do that. To win him back? Well, if they don’t have plans on changing the way they handle this group, I don’t think so. For just a month off, I see that he’s chubby checks is now returning. He’s still skinny but he seems well rested and happy!

His movie will be aired on January 15, 2015 while Yifan’s movie will be aired on February 15, 2015, what a treat for me! 😀 Speaking of Yifan, his birthday is on November 6 and he’ll attend an event on tencent and will sing a new song! Yes! New song! His song! I’m so excited!

I lost the Exo Luhan, but now I came to know an actor named  Luhan and who knows what’s the future is holding for this pretty young guy and yeah, Hello there too Actor Lu!



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  1. yeeeeha! seeing him now is like.. oooh i don’t know what to say T..T!
    but yes, he looks younger than before and his face looks too small.
    love him, love his look, love his smile, love his small face, and absolutely love him all.
    i just want you to know that i like this part “insanely cute and pretty and man” ^^.

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