Effect of “Kpop-enism”


We went to videoke today with some of my friends and really, the effect of my love for kpop was so evident. No. I didn’t sing a kpop song. I can’t do it! I don’t know any English song anymore and my friends kept on telling me to sing cause I haven’t pick up the microphone yet.  I told them, I don’t know any song! I’ve been listening to kpop and some Chinese and Japanese song for almost four years and I only listen to few English song but sadly, those songs are not on the song list. I also didn’t watch news or any showbiz shows both local and foreign and I didn’t know any new artist anymore and I was like, can’t they just have kpop? I’m sure I could guess even if they only flash Sunny’s lips!lol. Whenever I wear something, they would automatically tagged it as a kpop fashion. *sigh* One of the punishment if we lose a game is to dance to a kpop song and my office mates were eyeing me like it’s my fault that we’re gonna dance to a kpop! I’m sorry guys! XD

Luhan last 102414.. Wild and free.

The above photo of Luhan we’re circulating online and I was happy to know he’s having fun and living a normal life. I wish him to be well and when he’s ready,i wish he’ll accept some offers in drama or movie or even in singing. He’s a talented boy and it must be shown to the word. and… I miss him a lot too.

He was also seen today (102814) in a coffee shop again.

Wow! He really love coffee and I envy these people who could see him cause man, the chance of seeing him again is so thin for me since Beijing is million miles away. I think I’ll go nuts if he’ll buy a bubble tea! It’s hunhan thing!

Colon Sport 2014 collection

Him..standing there in the center will never happen again! I wish someday, he will stand on the center of the stage again.. happy and full of dreams like he used to be.

sleepy lulu, yet cute and beautiful, sleep well!



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  1. Wow! it’s really really nice to see him go around.
    even if I’m sad because he let EXO, I’ll be happy for him.
    and.. i do love the “sleepy lulu, yet cute and beautiful, sleep well!”^^.

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