Thank you Luhan! ‘Till then…


I guess.. I already post here why I like Luhan.
I like his eyes the most! It’s sparkling and it’s always bright but when you look deeper… they’re kind of sad. I like his voice- he mostly control it when he sing that sometimes I’m afraid that his veins will pop out but I like it. I like the way he flips his hair.. I like his hair in every way.. short, a bit long and creating a soft curls. I like his smile who causes crinkles around his eyes. He always control his laugh. Maybe too afraid that he will pick up his own jaw on the floor but he break loose sometimes. Gosh, I like it when he became a young free spirited man and didn’t care to the world and is only happy. He always pass the mic to the other members and always stay beside whenever it’s not necessary for him to stand on his usual spot “the center”. I like how he always insisted he is manly and feel shy when he was called cute or pretty. I love the way he dressed.. causal and always go after comfort. I like to watch him play soccer but I like it the most when he has the mic singing and dancing on stage..Happy. He always want’s to be a singer but I guess.. some circumstances had hinder him for a time being.

Before the concert in Beijing, he notified us he can’t make it. He’s not a talker but on important occasion, he logged in to his weibo and IG and say a few words. The last stop was in Beijing, his home country and we knew he wouldn’t miss it for the world. I saw the pictures on the rehearsal and he looks unwell.

How tired are you Hanie?

For the past months, he’s like a walking dead. He’s sick and every smile were forced. He still looks beautiful though but I know he’s so near on collapsing, holding tightly on the edge and I got a feeling I might lose him soonest than later. He appeared on the concert dashing as ever but he got thinner than he already is. A week after, rumors that he’s buying his way out from SM and gave them a deadline has surfaces. Clearly, he don’t want to cause another lawsuit… as long as they let him go.

baby don’t cry…

October 10, 2014, a week of him filling a lawsuit broke out! For a countless times, SM got a deaf ears for their artist and the only way was in court. I was in the office when I read the news and I don’t know how to continue the day when my spirit was below zero. I broke when I went home and read his update, “I’m Home”. He also updated his IG that has been outdated for almost 3 months. “I wanna all of you to know that I love you all” Before I knew, I’m sobbing so badly in front of my computer! Good thing that I’m alone in the room. Baobei, I also hope that you know, we love you too so much that it hurts! But like what you said, you’re home, so welcome home Hanie! Thank you for the two and a half years of your life that you shared with us. Thank you for the songs and outstanding performances. Thank you for the smiles, time and hard works. I’m sorry for the sweats, lack of sleep, hardships, tears, and injuries, the stage has cause you but thank you for all of it. Thank you for ending up the promotion and the concert. As usual, you always tried to set things as right as you possibly could though leaving felt so wrong to me. You see, I want you to stay and be forever an EXO-M Luhan until the day I ran out of reason to love you anymore. But that day, won’t come I guess. I will always be here… Thank you for being the brightest star I’ve ever seen. But they said, in order for a star to shine, it has to injure a blistering heat from the sun and the surroundings must be really really dark! I don’t want you to be that kind of star Lulu so welcome home and catch up with the time you’ve lost with your family. You can’t turned back time, you can only catch up on it. As for me, I will always remember the story of that star so that I can moved on as well and that star won’t suffer anymore. Until then XiaoLu! Come back soon even not in EXO anymore and let’s create a memories together.  Thank you for showing us how fireflies can shine…

For you, I wish nothing but the best. Please always be happy. Wo ai ni Baobei..


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