My 3rd Promotion!!! Oh Yeah! ^^


I’m so happy today. I finally received a confirmation of my application and I’m now officially a level 10! not too far to level 1! ^^ and yes, this is my 3rd promotion in my four years in the company! This is actually in my bucket list for 2014 and I thought I won’t be able to do it but I did! Thanks God! And though it will be a different project and I will miss my home project I serve for 4 gold years and 5 months, I’m also happy and excited to experience new things outside and meet new people and build new friendships. I wish my new team will understand my not so usual habit and mood swings and temper. lol.

I will miss my friends in the Jupiter. They are so good and so nice that I came to love them all. Of course I’m not a bold person so they rarely hear me say I love you, but when I do, I mean it! It’s kinda annoying and embarrassing that they called me baby girl up to this day, I guess I will miss it. But I hope no one will call me Baby Girl on the new project, I’m 24 for Pete’s sake! I will miss their unison head turning at me whenever the topic is about Korea and Kpop. I will miss those people who called me Ms. Kpop and always greet me, “Anyarisayo” (What happen to you?) whenever they see me with matching bow! lmao! Oh, and I will miss the OE boards! I will miss my accounts specially those  who didn’t pay! They are the reason of my red scorecard! lols.  I will miss the pantry and the canteen on the first floor that sells sisig, as well as the chicken in ministop! I will miss those people, who made me cry and care for me too deeply and made me feel that I’m not really alone! Why this is getting emotional? I will miss the whole project! I thought me a lot of things and made me grow! I’m happy right now! I’m really happy that I may able to share those learning to other project! I wish this new Project will get successful and big just like the Jupiter and Thank God for giving it to me though I made a bargain! I’ll do my part! Thanks for the blessings and for my friends and families. Thanks for Everything and everyone you gave me! You know that I love you right? 🙂


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