Super Junior is Back! Mamacita!


Just how happy I am when they released this last Thursday! We waited for 2 years and finally they comeback to us as strong as ever I remember them. Some people were thinking why this is not a dance song just like a Bonamana or Mr. Simple. I just could not understand them. When SJ released Bonamana and Mr. Simple, they kept on complaining that they’re a recycled of sorry sorry and now that it’s different they still complain!..>.< Anyway, going back to the mv, I didn’t expect that it was such a comedy! lolol. I’m grinning every time I watch it! 😀 How could they make Leeteuk a thief after he was released from a military!?! and when Donghae kicked Hyukjae, that was  so hilarious and Kangin’s watermelon! 😀 😀 😀 Anyway, I’m also wondering why they release this Mexican inspired MV and then I thought maybe, they’re trying to reach the fanbase in South America! They’re up for something. They had concert in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brasil last year. Maybe, they wanted to solidify the fanbase there. I will be honest, I didn’t go head over heels on the mv like in Mina and Mr. Simple cause i was laughing the whole time. But then, I listen to the songs of the album and it’s really good. My favorite would be, Too many beautiful girls. It’s light and fun, more like a 1D song.  Island, is nice also. It’s sad and nice and for all those people who says Mamacita isn’t ear friendly, please listen to the whole album first! Super junior is good in ballad even though they were known for an upbeat song, most of their  song are actually ballad and I’m a sucker to ballad. I also like Evanasce. I don’t know how to explain it. I just like it specially the chorus. I’m not a music major. I only listen through my ears and heart and Evanasce is a good song for me. Mid-season is good too. It seems like an OST in a drama. It’s good. These are my top 4! The physical album well be on September. I read on some forums that the song didn’t do well in digital but then who cares? Elf don’t actually care on digital cause our target is a disc Daesang! However, I’m still worried because they release this 4th quarter of the year. But then, I wish they still got even a  Bonsang even though Leeteuk said that they didn’t care about winning anymore. They only wanted to comeback and perform again on stage as a singer. I don’t want it… but there’s a small voice on my head that says, “ah, he’s slowly passing the baton to Exo, just like in TVXQ to Shinee”. The hard reality in Kpop. They grow old, new groups appear, and eventually replace them. But for us ELF, I guess, I will grow old with SJ and to my other babies. I’m happy that their presence could still be felt in the industry even though it’s been two years. Thanks to individual activities of the members specially Henry. Eunhae did well in Japan during hiatus and SJ-M in China and sometimes in Korea.

The live version!Live baby! Live! But I will be mad if they lip cync. The choreo isn’t that complicated and an applause for Sungmin for not tripping with his hair. Ofcourse, Donghae is a blue baby and Heechul is a pretty sassy diva in that headband. However, it seems that they need a larger stage. This is so small and they can’t properly moved.

I like this as well. They’re so handsome! I firstly saw the Mamacita performance and I was like, Wow! Heechul didn’t wear shades! and then I saw this and Baam! I was wrong! Forget it. Hee won’t forget his shades baby and he is so handsome with it!

Elf is still here! Congrats SJ! Hwaiting!


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