Luhan- the Guinness world record holder


Lu with his medal and certificate

Officially, Luhan has now been awarded as a record holder for having the most comments on weibo! Wow! When a prince of Beijing strike, it’s a world record baby! Can you feel this proud noona here? keke! Other laugh at this awards but for his fan who made the effort and make this possible it’s a big accomplishment. Last Chinese valentines day, (it’s also their concert in Xi’an- The lost planet in Xi’an) Lu-fans successfully put a 13.14M comments on his weibo post about manchester united.  They also release 1, 314 LED balloons on TLP Xi’an. 1314 sounds “forever in this lifetime” in Chinese and we’re glad we were able to give him a record for that! So please, don’t laugh at his award because it was given to him by the fans who love him so much in this lifetime and maybe will love him in next lifetime too. Congrats, my Lu baobei!

ahggg~~~ I love this pic so much! (die jungs photobook)


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