A touching video


I often have a “bored not so happy don’t talk to me face” and people always said I’m too serious with my life and some find it hard to approach me. I also admit.. I’m a loner! I mean, just give me a good book to read or anything that will entertain me, internet maybe and food… I’ll survive a week without talking. But believe me, it’s so easy to made me cry.. just let me watch this 8 minutes video! While we fight to gain more money and more money, some people are fighting for their dreams. The worlds are cruel! It’s ugly! But then, that’s how the way it is. Black and white, day and  night, good and bad, death and life. We only have to choose which side. However, there are moments that we have to choose something we don’t want to because we have to or we don’t even have a choice. What I’m trying to say is, everything has a reason and we should not look only on the surface. I remember.. I have an office mate who always says she’s too ugly and then suddenly, her older sister told her that she’s only born on the other side of the world, where her look is considered ugly! So she have to moved to another country where her look is considered beautiful.. haha.. it was such so random but it’s make sense. Sometimes, we only have to appreciate what we have, continue to do the things we’re good at, learned the things we sucked and quit if it doesn’t suit us. I personally didn’t believed in the saying “try and try until you fly”. For me, it’s just a waste of time. I rather quit and seek for the things that destined for me. What if, the things I give up, is ended for me? Not a problem, it’ll find a way back to me. Life is too short to be stuck in few things. So just like our Emmanuel, we must moved on and make life meaningful while it last.

Ps. I was woken up by my phone last night. It was my lead calling. She asked me, “where are you”? I answered, “Why”? She said, It’s 9:30! My eyes bulged like a soccer and literary shout on the phone…Sh****t!!!!!!!!!!!! To cut it short, I’m 2 hours late. haha.. what a experience. Overslept. That’s a first in four years!

Dream. But wake up to make those dreams real.


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