My three Leaders


The things that’s happening today was so overwhelming. First, is Leeteuk appearance in SMTown concert in Seoul!

It’s been a while Leader! Welcome back!

It’s been a while but two years of waiting was over now. He’s back! He changed a bit, got mature until the moment he cry! Ah~ he’s still the crying yet the strongest leader I’ve  ever known who’s leading the massive number of Super Junior and Elf! In every failure and success, Leeteuk have a tears for it!

Super Junior had reportedly to be making a comeback by September 1, and I realize it will be in 15 days! Time fly fast. He also release a photo of his fan meeting right after his discharged and letter to Elfs. Such a sweet person!



Suho, on the other hand had finally baptized! hahaha!

Welcome to SMTOWN! 😀

I’m literary rolling like a buffalo whenever I saw his pic in SMTown last Saturday! hahahaha! I mean, who would thought that it’s the leader $uho who will open the door for EXO in cross-dressing? It’s Baek who is good in imitating and who’s always fab and do girly stuff then, boomed, he tamed the SNSD leader and there’s the gentleman Suho dancing to Girl’s day somethin’! 😀 This is not new in SMTown. They love doing these kind of stuffs and finally, EXO jumped to the band wagon! I wonder , who will be the next  ( oh, please don’t have to try! keke)!


Welcome back WYF!

I’ll comeback to you like a black horse! This is what I thought when he suddenly appear in Beijing airport last August 15, exactly 3 months after he left! and I was a messed again, crying in front of my screen! It was just so surreal to see him again gracefully walked at he airport again like a countless times before but so sad that this time, no Exo tagging him along! Just himself! It was also reported that he will be having another movie with Hangeng and a solo album! I’m happy that he’s doing well and I don’t know. It’s been three months since he left and there’s already 2 movies, 1 ost and a mini album! wow! just wow! But one thing is for sure.. I missed him so bad he Wudn’t want to imagine! Of course, I’m still a fan! A Meigeni and an EXo-L.

My babies! re-united! haha

The three leaders I posted was so different in many ways but they’re all the same in a sense that they do what ever the have and want to do! Some people might not fully accept them for who they are and that’s simply sets them apart and became  of what they are today! Happy Sunday everyone!


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