EXO-L and Agape


a dragon in a galaxy!

Finally! After two years, we’re no longer nameless! Ai ai! we got a name, EXO-L and I was like “meh”. Ha~ seriously, the name was so “L”ame at first but thanks to the meaning behind of it that makes it so beautiful. Sounds like another sub-unit noh? L stands for Love. It is also in between of K and M and the 12th letter of the alphabet! I literally count the symbols…sorry, just makin’ sure! hihi. It’s ok though! the 11 symbols were lined up in a galaxy just like a dragon so their homepage still screaming a dragon in the galaxy! Yifan~ can you see it? Are you one of the stars?!? I wish that they will announce the official color soon. I hope it’s silver so that we will always make a galaxy for the boys! As usual, I still can”t register on the site, it keeps on crashing!


Zhang Liyin finally release the music video for Agape featuring Tao and Victoria. The mv was so beautiful not only because Tao and Vic is in it and Liyin’s voice was amazing and it features the china line in SM but because it was based in a real story and they filmed it very well. I cried on the end. The message left by a mom to her son in the phone, “Son, if you will going to live, remember that I love you”. How could I stay still? My tears suddenly fall. I  always have a soft heart for family matters. By the way, Tao did a great job! We, he as always he always did. I’m proud of you Taotao!


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