The Mr. Talented Henry Lau


Henry shared this on twitter today and I freaked out! Gaaahhhh.. When will this boy gonna learned to stop on torturing me with his oozing talent? Seriously though… can I just express my adoration for him? He really have a lot under his sleeve and I’m glad that the company was giving him a chance to show it off. It’s such a pity that he’s just older than me by just two months yet he can do a lot of things than me. But then, I learned that we can’t have it all. We each have a lot of our own specialty that’s why I’m just enjoying watching amazing talent of others that I don’t have! Sometimes, it’s also fun to just lay back and watch! You don’t have to learned and do everything on your own. Henry, is one of the many things in the world that was so fun to watch. His humble beginnings.. his grown up  stage, his debut, it’s like watching a caterpillar turning slowly to a beautiful butterfly. Sometimes, it’s sad to think that he never ever made it to the promotional poster of Super Show but then who cares.. he’s now building his own name in the industry and I wonder how far he could go if the company just give him full access! I’m also happy that the company didn’t let him go. He was cast ted 2006 and in just a year, he debuted so he really doesn’t have enough training but then the company must know that he’ll improve eventually and sure he did. The times where he’s just a youngest member of super junior-m was like his training ground. Experimenting, learning to adapt on some curves and now that he’s ready, the company let him do what ever he want. I myself were shocked when he said it. The company let their artist do whatever they want? Hell yeah!!.. that word somehow exist in their vocabulary and somehow, it gave me hope that maybe, they’ll do it to their other artist like Yixing. That kid is a gold and must shine in the world.


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