Kyaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! after almost half a month, I was able to access my blog again. I don’t know why but my net connection sucks..but then I can access other sites except wordpress. I miss a lot! TT_TT. I said I’ll update regularly but then, I miss a half a month update.

I’m so down right now because we wasn’t able to get a ticket for TLP Bangkok! What should we do now? We even have a plane ticket! I can’t go to Thailand without seeing them! Two hours before the selling we’re already on the site. We even rented a  computer outside for faster connection but 5 minutes before the selling, we’re already having a hard time accessing the site and when the selling started, we can’t access it anymore! My frustration was too much! I want to see them bad!

Just looking at you’re picture… to make me happy


Above is the picture last Saturday at Incheon for TLP in Xi’an! I never know there’s a place name like this in China. I only knew this is the name of my friend! lol. It is said that Luhan is sick! He didn’t even perform his Solo. Tao is also recovering from his injury when he filmed Law of the Jungle. EXO-M were getting sick simultaneously. I wish they’ll take care of these kids.


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