Infinite is back with “Back”


Infinite is Back! Can you save me? No you can’t! >.< L killed me!! Can someone put him in jail now? keke. Seriously, I love the song BIG TIME. Le sing to someone* I want you back! Back! Back! Back! Back! That someone had sported the same hair color as L before. *sigh. Anyway, like I previously said, I like this song better than Last Romeo. The music video isn’t out yet but they’re already performing the song on music shows. Wollim~ah… will you please release the music video now?!? and.. how could I forgot Sungjoong.. my little Cinderella’s now getting manlier and manlier! His hair was just so cool. I checked the MR removed of the video and I want to say, Sunggyu and Woohyun vocals were so strong. They could still hit their notes despite the intense choreography. I remember  when I saw them live last November. Such a pretty boys with pure talents! I became an infinite fan when I watch L in shut up flower boy band. The drama was so boring because the story phasing was so slow but it’s a good drama over all about friendship, family and dream. Nevertheless, I finish it till the end because of L. I guess, it’s BTD era or the Chaser.. I can’t fully remember. But what’s important  is I was able to know and see them once in my fangirl life. They started from the scratch.. you know.. living in a small dorm, with nothing except for their dream and perseverance. Now, they’re holding concerts in and out of Korea and they always put effort on their performances.. singing live and such. Who says that only those in BIG 3 are more likely to get it big? Infinite, did it. BAP did it. Just show to us your craft perfectly and sooner, everything will be paid off.

Few more hours and we’ll be going to Kfest to do some hunting. Fanboy hunting! lels. 😀


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