Wu Yifan’s Time Boils the Rain


Wu Yifan’s first solo song was released today on weibo, ” Time Boils the Rain”. Can I just cry? 😥 The song is so sad. I’m happy that I finally able to hear him again after two months but I’m sad that it’s now as Wu Yifan. When could I move on to the fact, that along with the lawsuit, Kris had  vanished also and won’t be coming back. It’s now  only Wu Yifan! Listening to him made me cringed why SM didn’t take seriously his singing abilities on those times they still have him. To be honest, everyone in Exo could  sing.. if only they were given a chance. Exo are not just a dancing machines with pretty faces who always lip sync. They can fucking sing. Just a good material and opportunities, they could blow some record bars out there with an A’s.

“Time boils the rain. Time heals the pain. Waiting for the time, that wind blows again .” I miss you WYF.


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