A new beginning..


Yesterday, typhoon Glenda hit our country and we were drenched wet while gong home. The wind was so strong so an umbrella is of no use so we have no choice but to face the wrath of typhoon just to get home. Luckily, it’s over now and the sun shows up already this morning but I hope that everyone is alright specially my parents. I still can’t contact them but my brother said they are alright so I hope they really are.

When I open this blog, there’s a notification that today is my anniversary! Wow! It’s been one year! Originally, I’ve been writing on our company’s portal but since most of my post are personal and kpop related, I decided to just wright outside, so this blog was borne one year ago. I’m still a beginner in terms of blogging and I was always busy so I couldn’t post as much as I want. Also, there are thoughts I just want to hold within and I’m not comfortable in sharing it. But anyway, I wish to be more open now and share all the good memories and those lightly good memories so that I have something to read  to when I grow old. Not sure how long could I keep on writing but I’m hoping to reach my 2nd anniversary. I’m thinking of buying a site… I don’t know. I’m still thinking about it.

Today… Wu Yifan  solo voice had been heard in cinemas. Can I cry? The song was beautiful and sad.. I’m also happy and sad. You see, he really drifted afar from Exo.. day by day. I’m still his biggest fan. It’ll took a time before I dislike a person I once like and WYF, still got a big part in my heart, until now. Anyway, congratulations WYF. I’m proud of you. Really am. Please be famous. Really, really famous and then come and hold concerts and fan signs all around the worls. I’ll come and see you as long as I can.

Luhan is still in China to continue his filming for Back to 20.

140717 -Luhan from Beijing to airport to Shanghai

He look’s so tiny in the pic. I hope that sasaengs will stop on following him and he could finish the filming soon. Baek also posted an apology to the fans  on his instagram account, but he deleted it already. At least, he finally speak up. By they way, he also reach 2M followers in IG so congrats my Byun boy. I tried  to drifted away from his relationship with Taeyeon. Even if he’s not my bias… I’m still not comfortable. lol.

Anyone who’ll be attending Kfest on sunday? We’ll be there! 😀


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