Gloomy Thursday

Standard what’s wrong for today? First, I really got pissed off in the office and I’m really transparent. Really, when I happy, I’m happy. When I’m sad, I’m sad. When I’m mad, I’m mad. Just because I’m facing people higher than me, I should plaster a fake smile on my face. That’s the hardest thing to do, being fake. I’m not the sweetest person on earth because I show everything what I feel. You may not hear me, but that will be clearly shown on my face or on my writings. I almost being scolded by my junior lead for being so bold, vocal and direct to the point. So, I asked her, should I be a pretender?

Ok, I just don’t like it that someone wants to control my emotion. Maybe, it’s a bad thing but I’m more satisfied  once I let them see/feel what’s inside of me.  I maybe regret it later..for showing my real color.. but I’m glad I’m holding it within.

Then, while browsing some videos, I stumbled to a recent vid of Yifan with a title of, Kris last video as an Exo member. Really? Just really… It still hurts me that people were addressing him now as a past, former, ex member or what ever you call it. No matter how many times I said I moved on.. I really don’t. I’m still hoping for a miracle you know.   Then, lastly one of Kris and DO fansite had close down. I mean.. it’s just really sad, when one of the fansites closes down. I don’t know.. I felt, I loose another member of the family. I love those people who love the people I love such as EXO and it hurts me, when they close down, or changed bias or go hiatus.

It’s Thursday and my post is so gloomy! lol.I’ll sleep in a while. By the way, EXO is now an official endorser of MCM and I was like.. how could I buy that bag?!? Seriously, the prices are gold (35K-40K pesos). KTNNXBYE! lolol. But I’m happy that they’re now an official one. Can you feel Yixing and Luhan’s happy heart ready to jump from their chest? 😀 They’ve been unofficially endorsing the bag since they debuted and the brand got more more famous to a kpop fan here in Philipines because of them who constantly use it. There are some imitations being sold and I tried to buy one and the sales lady don’t know the brand! lol. So I want it more.. cause it’s not too mainstream and people aren’t really familiarin it, except for Kpop fans and of course some elites.

Lastly, Super Junior comeback is coming! My boys are coming back. It’s good. I need some distractions. When Super Junior went hiatus two years ago, EXO was there to bring me joy. Now that it’s EXO time, Super Junior is coming back to save me from my loneliness. My boys and babies.. can I hug you guys?

I miss these guys..specially the person wearing a yellow short. Luhan shirt though… so me. ^^

Can I be on top of them all? *lerunawayandhide


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