Kris and Luhan, actor Wu and actor Lu!


The other day, I posted that Luhan started his filming and some photos were circulating online.

Handsome actor Lu!~^

Can you believed it? I called him handsome instead of pretty? hehe.. Because he is! However, I felt bad on what sasaengs did to him. He posted his anger on his weibo telling sasaengs to stop following him around. An account from one of staff also posted of what these sasaengs did to him. Following him around whenever he goes, even constantly knocking on his hotel even though it’s time for him to sleep. Luhan, usually kept things to himself. Even on Yifan’s lawsuit, he didn’t say or posted anything so it’s quite alarming that he finally speak up on these crazy fans. He only have limited time of filming and he have to finish everything before July 28th otherwise, they’ll shorten his part. Luhan did everything for his dream and he always did…however, how could he do it if they kept on bothering him on his work. People should really be thought what personal space is. However, I’m quite curious if he can play a guitar. I never saw him play a guitar or any musical instrument unlike, Lay, Chanyeol, Baek and Chen. So really don’t know if he can play a guitar. However, it is said that he learned from the past. Yay! I’m wondering if he would pull off those strings! He also said that his role is similar to his real self. A guy who pursue music but didn’t got a support from his family except from his grandmother. So, the things that his parents oppose his idol status could be true. Until now, he never mention anything about his family.

Can you see the smile on his face?

On the other hand, Yifan’s upcoming movie “somewhere only we know”, released his teaser photo this morning. I’m happy and sad at the same time. He disappeared one month ago..and now he’s back with a teaser. Do you know how worried we we’re when we didn’t know anything on those past month? But it turns out that he was busy filming his own movie..

he’s also holding a musical instrument..just like Lu!^^

I’m not against it.. I just feel bad for myself.. for being a dumb one and got stuck on the time since he left.. while he moved forward. because deep inside my heart I’m still hoping that he’ll be back but I guess, he won’t. So, I also have to move on and just support him while I moved forward to my dream. Someday, I’m going to meet him.

his smile… I miss it.

The movie will be shown on theater on February next year. I’ll probably going to wait for it! To my two boys.. actor Lu and actor Wu..Jiayou! I love you guys!



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