Luhan started filming of “back to 20”


Luhan didn’t return to Korea after their concert in Wuhan. He flew to Beijing to start filming his first movie ” Back to 20″.

Luhan at airport. Credit seen on the picture. Isn’t it his cute. A real flower boy!^^


It’s a Chinese remake of a hit Korean movie, “Miss Granny”. I watched Miss Granny yesterday and it was so funny. I mean, the grandma who turned 20 again yet still acted as a grandma was so funny. Luhan’s role will be the grand child played by B1A4 Jinyoung! I guess, his role will be a cute one and an eye candy too. Of course, everything is an eye candy for me, just put Luhan on it! lol.

Miss Granny official photo! How could they use his photo from wolf Era? His cap has a wolf written on it. Don’t they got enough time to photograph him?


I saw this on twitter and I couldn’t help myself for grinning. It’s good that his shy personality could out shined them all. 😀

Fan account by a staff during Luhan’s filming of “back to 20”

I like the last part,”even if you’re not his fan, he will leave a strong impression”. Yeah, I agree, his eyes, is the most beautiful features I see in his face. I still wish that he will talk as much as Chanyeol did. But then, I’m happy that he finally landed on a role. People say, it’s always him. Yes, you can see him in the center on their music video because that’s the place given to him and decided by the company but when you watch their shows, he always stand on side or at the back of the members. He only smiles, nods, and nods some more.l ol. Yeah, that’s how he is. I wish, that he’ll do good on his first movie. I also wish that EXO-M will have a better chance in China. Tao, Xingxing, Minmin and Chenchen and of course, my galaxy boy, Yifan. 



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