EXO’s Baekhyun and SNSD’s Taeyeon dating


This news broke out yesterday. How are the Exo stans and Baek’s stans doing? Are you all fine? I hope so… because.. I’m not. It’s a like a bomb that exploded on my face. You know the feeling that seems you’re in a war.. and you’re all toured out, tired and wounded and you’re trying your hardest to get up then BOOM!!! another bomb exploded on your face! Yeah.. that’s how I described my fandom life yesterday and days before yesterday..since May 15.

I mean, we just barely recovering from Kris leaving the group. Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t hate Baek that he loved Taeng. Love is a gift! But, I guess.. it’s too early for EXO to be involved in these kinds of things. I’m actually afraid for them… for their future. They worked really hard just to be in their place right now. It’s their dream, not Baek’s dream alone but a dream of all the members and I don’t want it to be ruined just because of a careless actions of one or two members. I really hope also that they became more considerate of fan’s feelings. Let’s get real! It hurts! If it’s not.. then you’re not there yet of the so called “hardcore fan”. I keep on seeing a picture where Taeyeon wore a cap that was a gift to Baek by a fan. I really thought that giving away the gift that was given to you by your fans was harsh ans so disappointing. A fan, earned her money so hard, neglecting her needs  just to give you a gift hoping that someday, she will see you wear it, not by your friends or girlfriend. Yes, you don’t know us personally, no.. you don’t know us at all, but we know you.. maybe not so personal but we know you and love you. We prayed for your safety, we protect you as much as we could, support you as much as we could, even if it means of not getting enough sleep and food. Just like you, fans work hard too. So, please be considerate of us too. We only want the best for you and we think dating isn’t a best thing yet. Don’t play the heart of your fans. They’re the most pretty creatures on earth… and the most pity too.

So to all the EXO stans who are still in the fandom, I salute you guys. Just let it out! Rant all you want.. and later on, let’s spazz again with all our heart out. Yes, I’m staying in the fandom but I guess, I won’t be active as before.. I need to distance myself a little and think of myself too. For the people who leave, it’s ok. Maybe, this is too much for you and the pain is really unbearable… It’s ok. Protect yourself. Then.. after, if you wanted to comeback, feel free. To all the other fans, unless you’re on our shoes or you are a Cassie, Elf, Kamilia, or a kissme, or a tripple S, I’m not giving you a right to judge EXO fans. You don’t know how it feels…

To Taeyeon~ they said, Baek is so lucky to have you. But I guess, you’re lucky too. Million of us, love him but he love you. So, please take care of him. He is impatient, prankster, loud, dorks, but he is cute, talented , adorable,  fearless Byun Baekyhun. and……..He’s precious to us.




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