Yifan rumored to work with Tiny Times writer Gou Jing Ming


Today,it has been rumored that Yifan will work with Tiny Times writer Gou Jing Ming and they’re following each other now. Tiny Times, also followed Kris on weibo and the CEO of the Beijing entertainment company that had participated in the production also wrote a comment on Weibo,  “Fate is quite a fascinating thing. Because of his agency’s refusal last year, Wu Yi Fan and ‘Tiny Times 3’ were not able to come together. However, those who are fated to meet each other eventually meet again.” Tiny Times 3 will premiere this July and it seems that Kris is being considered for Tiny Times 4. I actually didn’t know what Tiny Times is but surely, SM’s blocking some good offers to EXO-M in China! They almost stayed in Korea the whole 2013 and just went to China for some special appearances and a little promotion. Gou Jing Ming is also the producer of another movie, Ice Fantacy and I’ve been seeing fan-arts of him on twitter. 

He suits in it, isn’t he? I often saw a fan edit of him for a manga character in Final fantasy and really, he is a person who seems like had walked out from the book of manga and poopinto the earth.

I also, been seeing post, ” Good Bye Kris, Hello Wu Yifan”. To be honest, I feel sad. Deep in my heart, I’m still hoping that the things will turn out well and he will go back to the group even though it’s nearly to impossible now. It will be very awkward if it happens but then, I just love Kris in Exo. Even thugh, he wanted now to live as Wu Yifan, I want him to be Kris, just like the old times. On the otherhand, weather in China or any country of the world, in Exo or not, Kris or not, I want him to be famous and still successful. Enough for him to hold fansigns and concerts in Asia so that I could come and see him. If he’s famous, I could still see him and got updates about him. Sorry Actor Wu… Saying Goodbye to Kris isn’t my style. I’m selfish remember? Fighting!

The world await’s the Dragon.

Fanquins got your back!



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