Moving On…


People, that are still in a sound mind will go on this phase. Yes, I think I’m still in my normal self and I slowly to accept that things will never be the same again. The way we want it, isn’t always the things that happened. Things in the world are not always perfect. Nothings perfect except Him. No matter how hard it is, we must continue to live… no matter how hard.

Exo just finish their 3 days sold out concert in Korea and 2 days concert in Hongkong. I thought, I can’t see the fancames with WYF in it but I still did manage to watch it. With the sadness in my eyes.. I proudly watch the fancams. I wish WYF was in those fancams.. I just wish he was and he wasn’t…

My friend asked me if we can have a kpop marathon but I have to decline… We will surely watch EXO vids and I’ll be sad again, turn out I might cry.. The memories, was just so good that it was so hard to accept it had ended already. WYF…wasn’t in the group anymore.

I wish that he is fine! That he is doing good. I wish him to be well. I wonder, if he watch the vids of the concert. He was online on weibo for the whole duration of concert. WYF, are you proud of your kids? They did well no matter how they’re hurting. They did a fantastic job! Luhan, almost strip his shirt an Kai cornered him in a bathroom wall on Heart Attack vcr. I almost got a heart attack. They covered your part but then nothings beat you on those parts.  WYF~ please be famous! There in China or any part of the world. I wanted you to have your own fansigns and concerts so that I could come and see you. But if you wanted to be an ordinary person, please be a good one, be happy and healthy. If God permits, I still wanted to meet you in any life status you have! I’m still older than you so you have to bow to me when we meet! keke. Kidding. People, who will be your fan or will hear your name in the future, will know how much pain you’ve cause to me when they read this blog, but that pain was only because I love you. I’ll be your FanQuin! I’ll be an Exotic FanQuin! I will continue to support the three handsome China line! But, I will not forget you. You’re forever part of the line. Forever, Kris, the Exo M- mysterious leader. Yeah. I’m just selfish!


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